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ScoutBook & Advancements Records


  • Upon registration with the Pack & BSA, all families are entered in our on-line database, "ScoutBook".

  • We use this to communicate to the Pack as a whole or to individual Dens.  Therefore, its really important that each account is linked to an actively monitored email.

  • Leaders and Parents can use ScoutBook to record attendance and advancement progress on-line. 

  • Leaders can administer their entire Dens and can enter records for each Cub. 

  • Parents can see only their Cub's info.  So, if you complete a requirement at home, you can mark it off yourself!  

  • ScoutBook is linked to BSA National's training resources, including Youth Protection, Outdoor Safety & other courses that will help Leaders & Parents serve youth.

  • This also helps us purchase awards, which are supplied as part of Dues.

Contact the Pack Committee Chair with questions.  

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